As the owner of a commercial property, you are responsible for the safety of everyone that enters your building. You are also responsible for ensuring that each and every part of the electrical system functions as it should. Electrical work can 

Repairs & Maintenance

be dangerous if you have not been properly trained - this is where Pure Wave can help! Leave your make-shift electrical kit and duct tape at home, and hand this one off to the professionals.

Just like other facets of a building, electrical work degrades over time. This can be hazardous for those in and around your property and may lead to unforeseen consequences. Pure Wave Electrical offers the following commercial services to ensure the safety of everyone who steps foot on the premises:

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Repair & replacement of defective electrical components, including interior & exterior fixtures

  • Lighting controls & repair

  • Diagnostic investigations & analysis

Upgrades & Customizations

Keep your customers and tenants happy by staying current with electrical updates. Customize your space to best suit the needs of the occupant, whether that be yourself or a tenant. To help you keep up with the changing demands of your tenants, Pure Wave offers the following services:

  • Relocation of electrical circuits

  • Lighting upgrades & retrofits

  • LED lighting installation

  • Lighting controls & repair

  • Equipment hookup

Most electrical fixes and upgrades should be done by professionals. Look to the experts at Pure Wave for all your commercial electrical needs. For more information on our commercial services, or to book your free basic electrical inspection and quote, contact us today!


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